Ibiza. Part time

How you can enjoy Ibiza even if you don’t party

Ibiza has become a stereotype for crazy rave parties and wild EDM festivals. Tourists want to blow of some steam using the vibe of this Spanish island.

The island is more than just the best outdoor clubs in the world. Ibiza has a side of serenity if you go in deep.

The place is filled with history, food, and scenic locations. Here are some ways you can enjoy Ibiza without partying.

Land Activities

Hiking in Ibiza

It isn’t all swimming in the beaches and resorts of Ibiza. You can burn all those vacation calories hiking in Ibiza’s tallest point called Sa Talaiassa.

The trail starts with a walk up a street leading to a path of vegetation. It’s a 2.4 kilometer walk to its peak.

Exotic Jinetas, a ferret/cat-like creature native to Africa and the Balearic islands dwells in the path. These tiger-looking creatures dwell on the trees on the path so keep your eyes open for them.

Jump off a cliff

Cliff jumping is a hobby for the daredevil. Ibiza has a number of rugged cliffs along its beautiful coastline.

A popular spot for cliff jumping is at Cala Tarida. The rock formations aren’t that high but jumping off them still gives you that adrenaline rush.

Landing on clear Mediterranean waters looks awesome on tape so be sure you have an action cam with you.

Yoga on the beach

It might be a challenge to focus on anything other than your hangover in Ibiza, but be sure to take some time to calm your mind and body. Amante Ibiza offers yoga classes in the morning on the beach. Literally, right on the beach. The classes are taught in English and in Spanish, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Amante’s yoga sesh is followed by a breakfast buffet that’s included in the price of your yoga class (about €30, score!). Ahhh, there’s nothing like starting your day with good vibes and energy.

Rent a scooter and zoom around the island

The best way to explore the island is at your own pace via scooter. This is how you’ll come across different beaches, food that’s not kebabs, and hiking trails. There really is a beautiful island waiting for you outside of San Antonio and Ibiza Town. We highly recommend renting a scooter or a bike for a day and quite literally getting out of town. You don’t even need to have a plan. Just ride around (and be careful!).

The markets

Forget the allergies. Just eat!

Ibiza is surrounded by Mediterranean waters which means they have the best seafood in town.

Mediterranean cuisine is common in Ibiza but as great as kebabs and heavily dressed greens are, you have to eat Spanish Paella while you’re there.

Paella is a traditional Spanish seafood rice dish which makes it a perfect combination of the quality of seafood and the authenticity of the recipe.

Forget the seafood allergies for once and just eat and enjoy.

Shop for hidden gems at the hippy markets

Ibiza also has a chill side to it. The bohemian-styled Hippy Markets are filled with crafty finds whilst having a peaceful vibe.

There are a number of these markets on the island that open on a weekly basis. The Es Canar market usually happens every Wednesday, while the San Carlos market happens on Saturday’s.

Just like a regular bazaar, there are countless stalls of handcrafted jewelery, clothes and souvenirs. The hippy atmosphere gives that colorful but chill surrounding.

Street foods are also good at this part of the island.

Experience culture

The Old Town of Dalt Vila

Ibiza actually has more to offer in terms of tourist attractions with its multiple UNESCO World Heritage sights. The Old Town of Dalt Vila is one of those must-visit places.

The old town is is filled with cobblestone streets, castles, 14th-century cathedrals, stone statues, canons, and Gothic architecture. Walking through the town is as satisfying as a trip to Sicily.

There are a lot of good restaurants and shops on every corner which makes it hard to choose where to go when you are there.

Do your research first so you know what the best shops in Dalt Vila are.

the wise: don’t wear sandals while exploring Old Town. Those cobblestone streets are gnarly!

The mystery of Es Vedra

The mysterious rocky island of Es Vedra is home to a few myths and legends. From alien sightings to being a home to an actual goddess, the island has a lot of stories depending on who you talk to.

One of the famous stories of Es Vedra is that its limestones were used to build some of the world’s iconic ancient structures such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island.

The stories alone will convince you to hop on a boat and visit the island.

Check out Lio

Upscale restaurant Lio is home to entertaining spectacles. Its daily dinner shows feature acrobatic performances, comedians, singers and dancers.

Dinners at Lio can be pricey because they want to place emphasis on the talent of their live performers.

Peace at the waters

See the marine life of Ibiza’s clear waters

If you are on a boat, it is easy to see a glimpse of marine life on Ibiza’s clear blue waters. Just imagine how much more if you are to go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Even if you aren’t a hobbyist, diving in Ibiza’s waters is a must. The best underwater views are in the waters of Cala Conta, Aguas Blancas or Cala Salada.

There are companies and small businesses that rent our gear and offer lessons. You must avail of those while you’re there.

Surfing in Ibiza

How ironic that surfers in Ibiza aren’t hanging much by the beach. Well at least the Surf Lounge in Ibiza is loaded with professionals and hobbyists alike.

The lounge has a FlowRider, a sheet wave machine for surfing, which surfers on all levels enjoy. The place also has other activities like ball sports and spas.

Nudist beach in Ibiza

Adventurers probably considered skinny dipping once in their life. The Aguas Blancas beach might be a good place for that as locals and tourists are all open-minded in this part of town.

The beach is also one of the best snorkeling places in Ibiza. It also has caves and cliffs you might want to explore.

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