Five star hotels for business

Why Businessmen Prefer to Stay in five-star Hotels for Business Affairs

Ever wonder why businessmen do their affairs in classy hotels? Even companies prefer 5-star hotels for their functions and events.

It is because staying at classier hotels has many benefits if you are running a multiple-figure business. Most businessmen manages to mix business, pleasure, and convenience very productively.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of staying in a five star hotel.


You are only as good as the people you associate yourself with. A number of successful businessmen prefer doing their affairs in a five-star hotel which means you are in good company without even realizing it.

As the saying goes, “if you surround yourself with five billionaires, there is a strong chance you will be the sixth.” There is a huge chance you will land your first seven-figure contract or transaction within its premises.

Even the workers in the hotel uplift you as they treat you with high regard just for doing business in their hotel.


Want to make a good first impression? Invite potential partners and clients to a 5-star hotel and do business there.

A number of entrepreneurs choose to operate in the premises of a 5-star hotel as the bills only take a small portion out of a 9-figure expense account.

Room service all day

Some hotels only serve meals during meal hours and it stops the moment dinner plates have been washed. Not for a five-star hotel though as hotel staff are ready to serve 24/7.

5-star hotels offer room service to executives even in the wee hours of dawn. It’s definitely their best friend since they have to handle business calls and meetings from different time zones.

The best part is that despite the meals you have to pay for, calling room service for a pitcher of cold water and a bucket of ice is absolutely free for most 5-star hotels.

Gym is life

Businessmen have their own ways of staying fit. Most would dedicate at least an hour of their day to working out.

5-star hotels have top notch gyms that can pass as actual fitness facilities you find elsewhere. Whether cardio or weights, any fitness enthusiast must experience working out in a hotel gym once in their life.

Freshly washed everything

Upper-scale businessmen definitely do not do their own housekeeping. Well at least most of them.

Chances are, you have to hire somebody to keep your own house tidy when commitments and engagements get tight.

Almost all hotels have housekeeping but 5-star housekeeping is a different story. Not only do they make sure your room is spic and span but they also save you the trouble of having to do tidying up yourself.

The best thing about this is that every time housekeeping tidies up, you are guaranteed newly replaced sheets, freshly washed bath and face towels for the duration of your stay.

Of course dry cleaning and laundry services for clothes are an extra but don’t you pay to have it done anyway?


If you are planning to stay in a 5-star hotel indefinitely, chances are the staff are going to be prompt to keep your entire experience seamless.

Employees actually know who stays in their hotel often that they already recognizes who calls for room service.  

Some actually leave encouraging notes to show their appreciation for choosing to do business with them.

Just like an upscale dining experience

Hotel restaurants are on the pricier side of dining but it wouldn’t matter if it means scoring your next big deal on a dinner meeting. The important thing is that you do not have to do your lunch or dinner meetings elsewhere.

An added bonus of dining in a 5-star hotel is that there is an extremely huge chance you’ll meet someone with a like mind. Some will even ask if the vacant seat in front of you is taken.

Share a table and a conversation because you’ll never know who you’ll meet in hotel restaurants.


5-star hotels is a perfect place to achieve business goals remotely. Yes its overhead costs are high but for a person obsessed with numbers and ROI, it isn’t a bad idea since you get every penny’s worth of what you pay for.

A single business connection made inside the premises of a 5-star hotel can branch out to even more thus, covering your hotel expenses.

Businessmen have the ability to make it work since all they have to do is run their company. Everything else is taken care of by hotel staff.